This website has been set up to expose the major SCAM ARTISTS behind Capital Edge Partners - Herman J Rudolph and Gary White. I was personally involved with this company and count myself one of the lucky ones who only lost close to four thousand US dollars. There are other unsuspecting victims who have been scammed for hundreds of thousands of dollars and their life savings. Today, I need your help to put an end to this fraudulent outfit and the criminals running it.

On first viewing, their website seems professional, legit and they’ve got a supposed account manager who walks you through the set up either on WhatsApp or Messenger. The first impression here is all part of their ploy to steal your funds and I’m going to share with you the 5 BIG RED FLAGS that I wish I’d researched before going within a country mile of these cowards.

So let’s dive in with the FIRST red flag which is “Lack of Information”. This should always be the first stop for due diligence but of course Hindsight can be a wonderful concept..

In particular, the initial welcome email you receive after setting up a free account contains;

  • NO name or support contact
  • NO info about what happens next and
  • NO info about when profits are paid out

And actually, while we’re here, NO grammar checks either.

We can assume these emails are written by their scam account agents.

Which brings us to the 2nd BIG red flag - The Fake Account Manager who is played by none other than..

Herman J Rudolph

There he is sitting behind his Mac wide screen desktop, heavily focused on depositing your funds into his own bank accounts.

Now, what’s interesting is this guy scam merchant has a Facebook profile at the the time of this video however none of his images can be seen or clicked on. That is until you realise that he’s married (well, on Facebook anyway) and his Facebook wife has plenty of pictures of Capital Edge Partners’ chief scam artist. Who knows whether that’s his real wife or partner in crime - perhaps both! Spot how he’s having a lovely time outside some harbour and European villa here while he embezzles your money and fleeces the life savings of unsuspecting victims.

Avoid this criminal and his partner/wife at ALL COSTS. Here are some of the other social profiles he’s using to approach unsuspecting good people..




As you can see here, different photo identities are being used on these platforms.

You will also find Herman the criminal active on Facebook and Messenger. If any of his photos are legit then it’s likely to be here on Facebook as his wife’s account has several photos of them together. Generally speaking, he is reaching out as a fake “account manager” for Capital Edge Partners on both Messenger and WhatsApp so make a note of Herman J Rudolph and report him immediately should you ever cross paths.

I’ve added the links to all of the imposter profiles that we currently know about.

And just like many other highend criminals, he’s working with another person who identifies himself as ‘Gary White’ on social media.

Dirty Gary can be found on Instagram and Telegram and I’ve included these profile links which are active at the time of shooting this video:

Again, these scammy scumbags are swindling people’s life investments and savings and need to go to prison. If you have any information regarding who they are, their whereabouts or if you have any contacts that can help bring these little worms to justice then please reach out simply using this email - [email protected]

Together, we can take them down guys. They are working as a duo, not a TEAM.

Which also brings us to BIG DODGY RED FLAG #3 and that is the absence of any ‘Team Members’ listed on the Capital Edge Partners website.

As you can see here, there is a ‘Our People’ menu item on the company website which has an option to read an inspiring “Message From The Team”. So when you open up this page to meet the Capital Edge Partners Team and read their so-called message..

We’re faced with a page of block text which includes words such as ‘me’ and ‘we’ but we have no idea who these people are. As shown in the screenshot, this paragraph of drivel is signed off with the words ‘The Capital Edge Team’ - not one Team member name, photo or any mention of a founder. This along with the 2 previous red flags is a MASSIVE alarm bell to stay the hell away from this criminal organisation.

And if you do want to find out who is behind the Capital Scam or the identity of these elusive team members, you’ll soon run into gaping RED FLAG #4 as there is no way to communicate with these cowardice crooks.

In fact, just a simple phone call to their disconnected line exposes their SCAM very quickly. Again, hindsight can be a cruel mistress. Don’t be fooled by the support email either, even though my mail tracker confirms that someone is opening them, I have not received one reply to 4 weeks worth of emails. Once they’ve got your money, they will go radio silent until you go away and just let them steal your funds.

Likewise, their live chat box is merely a facade for anyone who has already invested, however I’m sure they are responsive if you represent fresh blood willing to give your money away to them.

Their Facebook group is also full of fakery. From the iStock people photos to their imaginary company HQ picture used in their cover photo.

And a quick look down the page reveals there’s next to zero engagement in this group even though it was created 4 years ago. Not possible for a company that supposedly trades on a daily basis UNLESS it’s all just ONE SLIMY SCAM that’s long overdue retribution for the harmful crimes it’s inflicted upon many, many people.

In fact, THIS particular Capital Edge Partners is not listed as an incorporated company and has been scamming people since 2013 as per it’s logo.

And so I’ve saved the KEY part of their scam to last here with Red Flag #5, and that is “The Phantom 8% Admin Fee”.

This is the popup fee you are instructed to pay before they can complete the withdrawal of your funds. Effectively, they hold to ransom your entire investment and any supposed profits you’ve earned with them until you’ve covered their 8% admin fee. If we go along with their fairytale info on their website for a moment, they state that they already take 10% of your weekly profits.

And you might have already guessed that there’s NO mention of an 8% admin fee anywhere on their website, in the user agreement or any of their Mickey Mouse welcome emails, hence the Phantom admin fee.

But that’s not enough, they want you and I to cough up 5% of our balance for maintenance and 3%, yes 3%, to click a button and close the account. This would be incredibly hilarious if it wasn’t so sad and desperate and affecting so many people.

Of course, you don’t get any of your initial investment and profits paid back in the first place BUT this is one last opportunity for these filth bags to milk you for what they can before they block you on their social platforms and run off like the weak and pathetic little mice they are.

Out of naivety and hope, I and many others paid this “8% Admin Fee” and we all ended up losing this fee ON TOP of our entire investment!

So in conclusion, AVOID this fake firm at all cost otherwise you risk losing your investment like myself and many many others before me.

If you would like to report your case or unsavoury experience with Capital Edge Partners, then you can use the email below and just send an email to [email protected] , and we will be sure to file that report and send it to the relevant persons.

In closing, Do yourself a HUGE favour, avoid Capital Edge Partners and share this information with others you know who invest in Forex, crypto or commodities. These guys will take and keep you and your friends money without batting an eyelid.

Together, we can bring this soulless criminal outfit down to it’s knees and prevent others from becoming their next victim.